Tuesday, November 4, 2014



All sci-fi fans and enthusiasts (or those who aspire to be) are invited to participate in the Geeky Gospel group, which meets monthly at the homes of our group members, to discuss science fiction and its common themes with Christian spirituality.  

 This month’s topic is "Doctor Who" and Christian Ethics: When There Is No "Right Thing to Do.”   

This 50-year-old British TV series has made an awful lot of hay out of the theme of the Doctor (a centuries-old time traveling alien) being "God-like," but also flawed, benevolent and enlightened, yet with a dark side. It seems like the Doctor always has the perfect answer...but what about the times when there is no easy answer? And what about the times in our lives as Christians, when we're asking, "What would Jesus Do?" and we have to shrug our shoulders? Are there some ethical problems so difficult that even God is troubled about what to do?

The group will meet Tomorrow, November 5th at 7 p.m., at the residence of Scott and Irene Amoros.  For more information please see Salem’s Facebook page, or contact Pastor Tim.

Join us for a discussion that's sure to be "bigger on the inside."      

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